Welcome to your behind the scenes look at Company Programme 2020-21!

Young Enterprise invites you to use this site as a place to find important information about what to expect as a Teacher or Volunteer Business Adviser getting started with Company Programme.

If you are interested in taking part in Company Programme in the 20/21 academic year, please register here.

The platform is divided into three key areas:

Company Programme Basics
This area covers all you need to know to get started from registering on YE Online our online platform.

Centre Lead Essentials
This area is for new teachers and practitioners or as a refresher for existing CLs

Business Adviser Essentials

This area is for new volunteers or as a refresher for existing BAs

Accessing YE Online:

YE Online is the secure platform through which Company Programme is delivered - we strongly advise that registration of teams is completed as soon as registration opens so that students can access the full suite of information and interactive function that is provided on YE Online to enhance their Company Programme experience.

Find out more about the YE Online platform

Registration for Scotland opens Thursday 13th August. For all other areas, registration opens Monday 7th September 2020