Young Enterprise is an Approved Activity Provider for the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

What counts as a skills activity?

For the skills activity young people need to choose an activity that will allow them to prove they have broadened their understanding and increased their expertise in their chosen skill. The Young Enterprise Company Programme qualifies for this section under life skills development.

How long should young people do skills for?

The table below shows Skills section time required for each level.

Level Minimum time Notes
Bronze 6 months You must do your Skills sections for 6 months
Silver 6 or 12 months Skills section must be done for 6 months. If you haven’t achieved your Bronze Award you must extend Skills sections to 12 months.
Gold 6,12 or 18 months Skills section must be done for 12 months. If you haven’t achieved your Silver Award you must extend either your Skills sections to 18 months.
Remember: Young People must commit to regular activities averaging at least an hour a week during this time!

What to do in four simple steps

  1. Preparation – The young person needs to research what they want to do and agree it with their DofE Leader. The local Young Enterprise Manager (YEM) will be the Assessor.
  2. Training – They will need to attend any scheduled YE training, briefing, review sessions which form part of the Company Programme.
  3. Activity – the most important and enjoyable bit – actually doing it! Young People must do the activity for an average of an hour a week for at least the minimum time required at your level.
  4. Assessment – To complete the DofE programme the Young People must meet their Assessor (the YEM) to talk about what they have done and make sure they sign it off.  The YEMs will submit their report online at

Skills evidence

The Young People should be reminded not to forget to collect lots of photographs, letters, certificates etc. along the way for their eDofE account.  A certificate of achievement or attendance.