As a Centre Lead you have a crucial role in ensuring your students get the most out of their experience of Company Programme.

You do not need to be an expert in Business and Economics to support the running of Company Programme in your school. All you need is enthusiasm and passion to support your student’s through the unique experience of running their own business. Participating in Company Programme provides students with an insight into the world of work and the types of skills and attributes they will need for the future. This programme is for all, but especially benefits students who may lack confidence or who would benefit from a practical approach that allows them to link their education directly to their future employment opportunities.

The key elements of your role will include:

  • Using the recruitment resources to promote Company Programme to all student’s in your school
  • Registering the students’ company on our YE Online
  • Supporting students on their journey through the Milestones
  • Collaborating with Business Advisers
  • Encouraging students to register and optimise online trading opportunities

Whether you are running the programme for as little as 12 weeks or for the full academic year you will also find this Guide to Planning The Journey a really useful overview and road map. Welsh version here.


YE Online has been designed to allow you to record your activities and time spent supporting the students throughout the year.

At the end of the Programme you will be able to download a certificate of recognition detailing your contributions together with the progression that your students made. This highlights your contribution towards your students’ achievements.