Recruiting students for Company Programme

Company Programme is recommended to all student’s aged in years 9 to 13.

We have found that students who have either volunteered to do the programme or have been specifically selected to do the programme as part of their educational development get the most out of the programme.

When recruiting students we recommend:

  • Ask students to volunteer to take part and offer encouragement to students who may lack confidence or would otherwise be reluctant to take part.
  • Inform students that there is a high level of personal commitment and responsibility required to get the most out of this opportunity.
  • Highlight that students will be empowered to take the lead; they will be offered guidance but it is their student company and they make all the key decisions.
  • Highlight how Company Programme links their experience with other learning and/or qualifications
  • Student’s will have the opportunity to work with trained and committed Business Advisors (BAs), who support learning, act as new role models and build a bridge to the real world of work.
> How many students per group?
Young Enterprise student companies can range from as small a number as two up to a maximum of 32 students. We recommend that for larger cohorts of students that they are split into smaller teams so that they all have an opportunity to take on a specific role.

However, the structure is very flexible; if you have a small group of students, then individual members can take on more than one role. Likewise, if you have a large group then additional roles can be created, or joint/deputy department directors can be formed.

There is no limit to the number of companies you can have registered in each school or centre, although you may need to recruit a colleague to help support other groups. Similarly, the more companies a centre has, the more Business Advisers are needed.

> Resources for recruiting students
We have created a selection of resources to help you promote the Company Programme within your school/college and recruit interested students:

Student Recruitment Posters:

Assembly Powerpoint:

Student Recruitment Video

Getting consent from parents and carers.