Our standard of conduct for volunteers

This code is intended to provide volunteers with clear guidelines relating to Young Enterprise’s expectations for standards of behaviour, responsibilities and Business Adviser best practice.

It covers general conduct, confidentiality, conflicts of interests, working appropriately with students, ethics, Health and Safety, personal relationships, drugs and alcohol and equal opportunities.

As well as setting out the standards and conduct expected of Young Enterprise volunteers, it also includes important guidelines such as:

  • respecting the position of trust a volunteer is placed in, particularly when on school/college premises and on interacting with groups of young people
  • avoiding situations where a volunteer may be alone with an individual student
  • allowing any student disciplinary matters to be addressed by the Centre Lead
  • adopting Young Enterprise-approved mechanisms for communicating with students outside of their regular meetings (e.g. using YE Online or sending emails to the Centre Lead for forwarding on rather than using students’ personal email or social media accounts)

As well as reflecting our safeguarding policies, these guidelines also help to protect the interests of our volunteers. Please make sure you read the full Code of Conduct.

Download YE Volunteer Code of Conduct

Young Enterprise recognises its responsibility to deal fairly, constructively and consistently with expressions of concern or dissatisfaction from young people, volunteers or other adults. Accordingly, we also have a Problem Solving Procedure for dealing with any issues or complaints which might arise, in a fair, open and consistent manner.