What does a typical timescale look like?

Here are some key dates that students should work towards when they take part in Company Programme

This is a ‘typical’ timetable and should not be considered mandatory. Some teams take longer getting started or are only up-and-running as an enterprise much later.

Week 1 Starting Up Meet your Business Adviser and gain an overview of the YE Company Programme and what’s involved with starting your own student business.
2 – 3
Creating the Board of Directors Decide on the structure of the student company and allocate job roles.
3 – 5
Generating the Idea Identify potential products and services that could fill a need or solve a problem and determine which ideas are worthy of further consideration.
4 – 6
Business Planning Make final decisions on which idea to move forward with and start to develop a business plan.
7 – 9
Launching Finalise the Business Plan/Canvas and plan the launch of the product/service.
Week 9 onwards Running the Enterprise Student companies hold weekly meetings, setting their own agenda, operating and growing their student company.
May – July Winding Up Close down the student company, selling off remaining stock and decide what to do with the profits.
May – July Looking Back and Next Steps Create/update CV, LinkedIn profile and a personal action plan using the knowledge skills and experience gained throughout the programme.