A Cycle of Reflection

Experiential learning means learning by doing and direct ‘hands-on’ experiences.Your role of facilitating experiential learning allows students to make mistakes in a safe environment, ensuring positive lessons are learned from these.
We can be told something or read something but for deep rooted learning to take place, we must experience a situation or an approach for ourselves.

As a Business Adviser (BA) it is your responsibility to help the students learn from their experiences, and not get stuck in unhelpful ways of doing things.Company Programme is a hands-on experience, with learnings reinforced through you helping the students reflect on what they have encountered and achieved. Your role is to support young people to understand that through Company Programme they are learning the skills and attributes essential for the world of work.

Experiential learning videos

If you would like to learn more about Experiential Learning please view the videos below:

What is Experiential Learning?

Your role as a learning facilitator:

The review stage of the cycle:

The apply stage:

Employability skills:

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