Milestone One – Starting Up

Please ensure that you have reviewed all of the content on the Getting Started page prior to embarking on Milestone One of Company Programme.

Remember that as soon as the Centre Lead has completed the registration, you will receive a password that allows you access to YE Online and all the resources you need to facilitate the programme.

It’s important that you log in to YE Online as soon as possible so that you can familiarise yourself with the platform and what is available for you and your students.

Milestone overview and objectives

During Milestone One, you will chair the initial student company meeting(s) and direct the group to:

  • understand what they will be doing in YE Company Programme
  • complete the student company start-up documentation
  • choose an initial student company name
  • decide whether to operate as a traditional profit-making business or a Social Enterprise
  • consider the planet & community before making any decisions
  • identify the benefits of participating in the programme
  • reflect on the skills they have used during Milestone One

Meeting One

Document and resources required for the meeting:


Before moving on to the next step, check that students have completed all the tasks for Starting the Business:

  • all student company members have logged onto YE Online
  • all student company members have completed the pre-evaluation
  • the student company understands their legal obligations
  • the business has a name
  • a copy of the Memorandum and Articles has been downloaded and signed
  • the Certificate of Incorporation has been downloaded